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Our newest film

As Organism

wrapped 4/27/21!

  Join Rachel Sellers for a journey in scale from the subatomic world to the edge of the cosmos as she opens your eyes to the possibilities of the universe as a single organism.  

Click the still to see the trailer.

BrainDagger Films is a fully pro-bono video and music production studio interested in producing videos for causes, events, non-profits, bands, businesses, etc. that Moe and Kathryn find interesting, entertaining or thought provoking. We usually operate by referral only, however if you think we might be interested in producing for you it can't hurt to send us an email on the contact page. BrainDagger also produces the online video database, "The Rutabaga 216". A web series dedicated to educating Clevelanders about the finest arts and entertainment options in the CLE.  Most recently they completed a documentary short for the film festival circuit known by "As Organism". Their current project is a feature film tentatively titled, "A Message For Classification Upgrade."

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BrainDagger Films Begins Pre-production on 7-year, 65-Country Filming Marathon for Tentatively Titled Doc, "Organism". – Movie Press Releases

BrainDagger Films. Only when you hear the right story, only when you create the right story. - TIME BUSINESS NEWS  

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Kathryn Gets a pie in the face 

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the Yeti Spaghetti experiment.

The Discovery

One day Moe saw a homeless hip hop artist named Yeti Spaghetti rapping for spare change downtown and stopped to listen for a minute. He was entertained so he bought the man a meal, listened to his story and got to know him. Eventually Moe decided to help the struggling artist and produce an album for him at the BrainDagger studio. Moe saw potential in his raw style and convinced him to serve out his time in county jail for a warrant so he could make money from his music legally. Then he was to go to rehab in exchange for the funding of a studio album. One year later and he’s already released two hit singles, “Dopeboy (feat. Queso Blanco[Moe])” and "Flyguy (feat. Queso Blanco) (Moe laid down the tracks). he reached #1 on the reverbnation charts, has over nine million views on Soundcloud, airplay in 16 countries and released his first album “Cleveland” on Mar 15 2019. His life is going in a whole new direction. CLICK ON THE LINKS!!!