We are a pro-bono, Cleveland-based, collective of artists across the globe, producing art for causes, events, non-profits, bands, businesses, etc., that we find interesting, entertaining, or thought-provoking. We operate with the sole intention of helping people understand others they don't get along with, nature, science, and the world around them, intending to eradicate the scourge of different realities we all seem to reside in. Misinformation has caused more death and destruction than anything else in the history of humankind. STOP HATING PEOPLE BEFORE YOU MEET THEM!!!  


We just opened a branch in Jaco, Costa Rica, and are very proud to serve the entire country. PURA VIDA!

Recently we released a 30-minute documentary short for the film festival circuit known by "As Organism". We were awarded 40+ laurels from festivals around the world! We are currently working on a groundbreaking, ten-part docuseries with "As Organism" as the pilot/proof of concept. BrainDagger is in talks with major networks right now!

We also released "Gelker in the Treehouse", the story of a family trying to make it through the coronavirus in Costa Rica at their isolated jungle treehouse. This one has got us 12 Laurels so far!

Most recently we entered our documentary on Ohio's terrible House Bill Six (HB6) into IndieX Film Festival and it has already won Best Mockumentary/Docucomedy! 

We are also partnering up with One Blood Records 

to promote a new concert/music festival series in Costa Rica called "Arte Pura Vida". Our goal is to give up-and-coming Latin American artists a voice and a chance to perform with some of the biggest names around.

This winter we released, "Espiritu del Jaguar", the story of a lost man searching for truth at the end of the Earth. It won 6 laurels including "Best Athletic Performance" from the Assurdo (Absurd) Film Fest in Italy.

Update, we have a new YouTube channel called "As told by". It's a big fat mish mash machine, check it out.

We have just completed our fifth film and are looking into festivals for the world premiere right now. Unfortunately, this

means we can't show it on our website for now but here is the poster at least lol.





The Importance of Strange Perceptions - SCRIPT to INDIE (FOR FULL REVIEW)

What an interesting documentary! All about psychedelics and trying to “explain the unexplainable,” “The Importance Of Strange Perceptions” is a journey through what it was like in the mind of writer/director Moe Taylor. Choosing to go with narration, interviews, and a whole bunch of trippin’ visuals to shed light on a subject that’s still wildly considered taboo, Taylor’s tapped into a topic that’s genuinely crucial to explain - in as vivid detail as possible. For some, the mere suggestion of psychedelics conjures up a whole bunch of stories and folklore of bad trips and experiences that have raged out of control – and for others, psychedelics represent the gateway to an essential aspect of mental freedom that might not otherwise have existed in this world. I know where I stand on all of this already, and I’m hardly able to be as objective as I’d usually be in reviewing something I’m watching after having already had so much personal experience with psychedelics. That said, I wouldn’t even be here today without them; they opened the door to understanding this planet in awe-inspiring ways - that I could have never learned from a textbook or the assistance of some traditionally prescribed medication.



“The Importance of Strange Perceptions” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review (FOR FULL REVIEW)

The Importance of Strange Perceptions, by Moe Taylor (Director, Editor, Writer, Producer), explores the world of psychedelics, while more specifically focusing on the psychoactive substance ayahuasca, and the journeys a few people experienced in their pursuit of trying to find answers to issues about themselves that they were attempting to understand.

One of the things I enjoyed, was that all the people in the project were really able to articulate their experiences in a very thoughtful and concise way. Their experiences left me thinking that they were able to get something from their journeys that they were needing and just were not able to find before. But at the same time, the project wasn’t about advocating for people to just go try ayahuasca or take other psychedelics. The project really just shared some stories and encouraged people to think about things a little differently, if you’re in need of finding some inner peace or structure, and that “knowledge is good”.

So yeah, I thought the project was really well done on many levels. Moe projects that this project was “edited in a rapid chaotic form in the hopes that the viewer can get a dose of what it was like being [himself]”, but to me The Importance of Strange Perceptions was visually stimulating and complex, but in those complexities all the pieces fit together nearly perfect and therefore simplified a lot of information and philosophical ideas, so you were able to see the forest through the communicative trees.

The Importance of Strange Perceptions – Moe Taylor’s Psychedelic Gonzo Journalism  

Tommaso Paris/ artesettima.it (FOR FULL STORY)

One of the essential features that is noticeable in The Importance of Strange Perceptions is the presence of Hunter Stockton Thompson’s gonzo journalism: a writing style that blends traditional journalism, personal insights, and narrative techniques to provide a unique perspective on events and situations.

Some of Thompson’s most famous works, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Hell’s Angels, are examples of gonzo journalism. It is often associated with a countercultural ethos and is characterized by its irreverent and often humorous approach to serious topics. It is characterized by a first-person perspective, a subjective tone, and a blurring of the lines between fiction and non-fiction. In gonzo journalism, the writer often becomes a central character in the story, and their personal experiences and opinions are woven into the narrative.

A Complete Interview With Moe

Moe Taylor – Liverpool Indie Awards (FOR FULL STORY)

I was near the end of my rope with various mental diagnoses incurred from military service and had tried all the medications and treatments available through traditional medicine and the Veteran’s Affairs healthcare system. I was extremely desperate to find any way to get just a little bit of happiness out of life so I went to Costa Rica and began studying psychedelic plant medicine for the film in hopes I could find something that could fix myself outside the realm of big pharma and mainstream medicine as those drugs had done more harm over the years than anything beneficial.

Full Film Review

Moe Taylor 

SPRING FEST (28 APR) - Lonely Wolf (lonelywolffilmfest.com)

By Adrian Perez

In the latest episode of BrainDagger Films Presents: Knowledge is Good, Moe Taylor invites us to embark on a sensorial and cerebral exploration of psychedelics in "The Importance of Strange Perceptions." Channeling the spirit of Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass, Taylor leads us down the rabbit hole to demystify and dissect the world of psychedelic substances and their potential therapeutic properties. As we traverse the vibrant landscapes of Ayahuasca ceremonies in Costa Rica and delve into the intricate inner workings of the human psyche, the film illuminates the transformative powers of these mystical compounds.
Taylor's directorial prowess is evident as he weaves a visual tapestry that oscillates between the ethereal and the grounded, reminiscent of the surrealistic compositions found in Wang's The Journey of Murder and the hallucinogenic lighting of Bocchini's Ride with the Guilt. Drawing inspiration from cult film classics and the narrative minimalism of independent cinema, "The Importance of Strange Perceptions" challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding psychedelics and offers a fresh perspective on their role in mental health and personal transformation.
The documentary's cast of protagonists, including researchers, therapists, and those who have experienced the healing powers of Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Ketamine, and MDMA, form a captivating ensemble that enriches the film's thematic tapestry. Much like the endearing duo in Wang's The Journey of Murder, the individuals featured in Taylor's film offer profound insights into the complex interplay between psychedelics, the human psyche, and the quest for self-discovery.
One of the film's most striking features is its ability to balance the academic rigor of its subject matter with a witty and approachable tone. Echoing the thematic and psychoanalytic explorations found in the reviews of Veitch's Lonely and D. Michael's The Bezonians, Taylor masterfully navigates the intricate web of conceptual terms, cinematographic techniques, and storytelling tools to create a deeply engaging and thought-provoking film.
"The Importance of Strange Perceptions" is an intellectual and visual feast that transports us to the outer reaches of human consciousness and invites us to reevaluate our understanding of psychedelics and their potential for healing. With its rich cinematic language and bold exploration of uncharted territory, Moe Taylor's latest installment in the BrainDagger Films Presents: Knowledge is Good series is a shining example of the power of independent cinema and the transformative potential of strange perceptions. Grade A*  

Right now we are currently in the midst of post-production on our newest documentary.

Here is a partially finished mock-up of the poster for this one. You are not who you think you are. More to come...

The Glorious Spectacle of Human Programming.

HUMAN PROGRAMMING describes how we are programmed, just like a computer by our early life surroundings, friends, religion, government, schools and parents. As a child you have no ideas of your own and ingest everything around you to form your own basis for right and wrong, good and bad and simple morality. Understanding the infinite variables at play across the planet, it’s easy to see why all we do as a species is argue, mostly about dumb shit that doesn’t matter or is completely fabricated. Everyone lives in their own reality and wants the same thing, peace, prosperity and happiness for them and their loved ones. We all take different paths to get there, unfortunately, more than a few end in pointless violence and death. If you understand that we live in a global society and we are truly one large, interconnected group of loved ones at this point, you can understand what I am getting at. There is really nothing to argue about if we can understand why people think the way they think and realize the own flaws in our personal ideations and evolve beyond it. Until then we will find ways to kill each other, ruin lives and civilizations due to miscommunication and human emotions.


Moe Taylor - IMDb

Kathryn Taylor - IMDb

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As Organism (2021) - IMDb

Join Rachel Sellers and Alan Watts for a journey in scale from the subatomic world to the edge of the cosmos as they open your eyes to the possibilities of the universe as a single organism. Discover the range of patterns that design the world around us and the mathematical properties inherent in the building blocks of everything we know.

With this understanding of the world around us we can learn to comprehend our perceived enemies' point of view and hopefully treat our fellow man a little better. There isn't much hope for society and civilization as we know it if we can't get along. We are in the midst of a global societal collapse and it is important to show films like this so we can possibly slow it down and maybe even stop it before it's too late. STOP HATING PEOPLE BEFORE YOU MEET THEM. Please?

The film is available on 

Indie Films Online | Film Catalogue | Renderyard





As Organism | Space Faring Civilisation (SFC) Films (sfcfilms.space)


Home - SPACE TODAY - NASA, Space X, Exploração Espacial e Notícias Astronômicas em Português

The trailer is available below.



Moe Taylor, Kathryn E F Taylor

  • By Adrian Perez

    Pioneered by the dynamic duo Moe Taylor and Kathryn E F Taylor, "As Organism" is a poetic and profound exploration of our universe, a proposition that dares to reframe our understanding of existence. Just as Rachel Carson once guided us through the minutiae of the natural world, Rachel Sellers and Alan Watts, our guides in this cosmic journey, unveil the interconnectedness of the universe, likening it to a single, complex organism.
    Taylor, a former broadcast journalist and navy serviceman, crafts an intricate tapestry of subatomic detail and cosmic vastness, using his well-honed skills to capture both the sublime beauty and daunting complexity of the universe. Taylor's documentary is both a visual feast and an intellectual exercise, a testament to his multifaceted expertise in the field.
    The series starts with the subatomic world, a realm invisible to the naked eye yet fundamental to our existence. Taylor meticulously captures the mesmerizing dance of particles, their unpredictable behaviour echoing the chaotic beauty of larger cosmological bodies. Then, as we ascend to the vast cosmos, the series masterfully illustrates the startling similarities between the two scales, ultimately proposing a unified view of existence.
    However, "As Organism" is not merely a theoretical physics lesson. It is a plea for empathy and understanding, a desperate call for humanity's survival. As society teeters on the brink of collapse, the series argues that understanding the universe's interconnectedness could be the key to our salvation. By embodying the series' ethos – to "STOP HATING PEOPLE BEFORE YOU MEET THEM" – we might just slow the descent into chaos.
    The documentary thrives on its thought-provoking narrative, deftly balancing scientific complexity with emotional resonance. Sellers and Watts' compelling voices guide us through this daunting journey, their insights richly illuminating our place in the cosmos. Their combined charisma makes for a captivating exploration of existence, an intellectual voyage that doesn't lose sight of the human element.
    The power of "As Organism" lies not only in its mind-expanding propositions but also in its urgent call to empathy. The series reflects a deep understanding of the universe's profound interconnectedness, casting a hopeful light on our potential to transcend our destructive tendencies.
    Ultimately, "As Organism" is a masterclass in documentary filmmaking, a compelling fusion of scientific investigation and heartfelt appeal. The series proves that knowledge is indeed good, serving as a potential catalyst for societal change. With its richly detailed visuals and thought-provoking narrative, the series heralds a new era of understanding, urging us to embrace the universe's inherent unity before it's too late.
    "As Organism" is a testament to Taylor's innate talent for storytelling and his unwavering dedication to unveiling the secrets of the universe. His documentary is a stunning achievement, a clarion call for unity in a time of division. This is not just a film; it's a beacon of hope


As Organism - SCRIPT to INDIE

As Organism | Film Threat

As Organism. IndyRed's review of the short film, As Organism.

Excerpts from these interviews:

“As Organism is a blazingly fast documentary that takes its queues from the original Bill Nye the Science Guy show from the 90s and throws in a wallop of caffeine.”


“If you think a science documentary has to be super boring, think again... this short film is absolute proof of that.”

“If you want a great masterclass of how to edit for interest, As Organism would work wonderfully as a teaching tool but make no mistake, you just may find yourself lost in the film. I'm pretty confident that was the plan all along.”


“It's loud, and it's fun, and it also teaches you something.”


“The style is 100% catchy: thumbs up and four stars.”


“There is more non-human about you than what is actually human”


“This lower-budget short film has outdone plenty of the big guy productions I've seen from a technical standpoint.”


“As for the film in its entirety? Excellent. Very well done.”


“It has no problem keeping you hooked no matter what you believe.”


“As it was stated in the film, "As Organism" could lead to an overload of the mind - but as long as you keep a little of what you've seen in the back of your head, your perception of things may forever be altered.”


“There's nothing basic about this short film - at all.”


“We are barraged with one video image after the other. It’s vibrant, colorful, and relentless.”

“Moe Taylor’s As Organism is a documentary short, shot in a visually over-stimulating MTV style that is hard to pull off and so easy to fail. In Taylor’s case, he found the secret, and it works.”


“There are so many projects out there and that most of them are just retreads of stories, but apparently new takes on concepts are still out there to be found, and that is nice to know.”


“Great job on the project and I am glad it looks like As Organism is being recognized for the quality project that it is.”


Best Documentary Short: Cannes World Film Festival

Best Web Series/ TV Pilot: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Documentary Short: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Editing: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival

Best Producer: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival
Best Documentary Short: Onyko Film Awards

Best Documentary Short/ Diamond Award: Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque

Best Short Documentary (1st): Kosice International Monthly Film Festival

Best Documentary Short: Rameshwaram International Film Festival (RIFF)

Best Sound Design: Big Sur Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement Award/ Sound Editing: Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles International Film Festival

Nominee: Film Olympiad

Finalist: L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival (LIAFF)

Finalist: “Euro Fest” European International Film Festival

Finalist: Crown Wood International Film Festival

Finalist: Prague International Film Festival

Finalist: 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

Honorable Mention: Indie Eye Film Awards
Honorable Mention: London International Film Festival

Official Selection: IndieX Film Fest

Official Selection: Anatolia Film Festival

Official Selection: Independent Shorts Awards
Official Selection: Best Shorts Competition
Official Selection: ISAAF, St. Petersburg Russia
Official Selection: Mabig Film Festival

Official Selection: Barcelona International Film Festival

Official Selection: Aquarius Film Festival


The Viral Limit 

(Take Warning)

  A sci-fi novel from the mind of Moe Taylor. Two mountain climbers in the backcountry near Mt. Rainier discover the Human Race is simply a planetary virus meant to acclimatize the planet for a new mastermind species during a never before seen apocalyptic storm. 
Now in talks to become a major motion picture! Check out Moe's agent's pitch deck below.

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Absolutely scintillating novel about life as we know it!

Viral Limit by Moe Taylor (2003-07-01): Amazon.com: Books

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 23, 2003

Excellent book! A thrill seekers Shangri La, and an unmitigated absolute Must-Read!! This novel is filled with suspense, intrigue, and a brilliant finale!!!
The "Viral Limit" uniquely depicts a forlorn situation where characters: Balcorta and Turp
are launched from an insignificantly deplorable climbing trip to a full comprehension of mankind's decadence...The reader is captivated
by the protagonist's constant confrontation of mishaps and adversity, yet is locked on a rollercoaster thrill ride of curiosity and excitement.
I found myself fully absorbed in the storyline, eager to find out what happens and reluctant to put the book down. The author's skillful description of
the book's setting plunges the reader into Balcorta's world: One feels he can actually feel the despair, the wind chafing his face, and the cold breath emanating from his lips.
Ultimately, the author cleverly portrays a suspenseful culmination to explain the transience of mortality. All ends tie up and you want to sigh a big
"OH...how ingenious!!". The "Viral Limit" makes you reevaluate the world as we know it and how we are so ensconced in our daily trivial lives :) 

Something you will not want to put down

Viral Limit by Moe Taylor (2003-07-01): Amazon.com: Books

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 3, 2010

This guy should write another book cause this one is as good as they get. Too bad its out of print cause it's really great and I lost my copy. The characters come to life in this book as they fall into creepier and creepier situations which keep you guessing. A real page turner! I'm waiting to see if this author can do it again...  

We are an official production company for the Discovery network.

New film executive produced by Moe Taylor. 


Directed by our friend in Mexico, Dewey Paul Moffit.

Koh Phangan Man is an inspiring and celebratory documentary film about Mark Phinney, a Burning Man organizer who sets out to produce an international burn in Thailand. The film explores the unique philosophical and artistic approach of Phinney and how it transforms the lives of a small group of organizers who work with him.

The film is emotional, encouraging, and uplifting in tone, and follows the organizers through the behind-the-scenes process of creating an event in a foreign country. As they face a variety of obstacles, including bad weather and strange happenings, the central conflict and question emerges: will the festival be a success, and is it a good idea to throw a Burning Man in Thailand?

Through interviews and footage from the actual events, Koh Phangan Man shows how personal transformation and radical inclusion are at the heart of Phinney's vision. The film is a testament to the power of art, community, and human connection to create something truly special and transformative.

What makes this film unique is that it was accidentally made by first time director Dewey Paul Moffitt, who was on assignment to film b-roll for a separate project but was so inspired by the journey that he felt compelled to document the story of Koh Phangan Man. The result is a documentary that captures the spirit of a unique event and the people who made it possible.




Gelker in the Treehouse

Hi, my name is Kathryn E F Taylor and I'm an intrepid explorer and assistant director for Braindagger Films. My husband Moe and I travel the world making documentaries about thought provoking weird science and how it can help people with the stresses of daily life. sometimes we find a little more than we expected and produce what we call - a Braindagger Films Extra. This one's called "Gelker in the Treehouse!" We found a friend in Costa Rica who desperately needs help with her natural medicine apothecary. Here is her AMAZING story.

Espiritu del jaguar

Join a young Ricardo Pepe' as he journeys to the end of the Earth and discovers his true soul with an ancient jungle tribe who follow the way of the jaguar. Once a successful businessman, he trades in all his belongings so he can truly find inner peace.

veterans and the scourge of invisible illness

Disabled Veterans suffer from a laundry list of disabilities that are not apparent on the surface but are very real. Brian Stivale discusses these disabilities with three disabled veterans and learns how they are impacted in American society.

Listen to a discussion about the creation of the film here (last fifteen minutes)

And check out "Today With Tally". One of the films' stars weekly podcasts!

Click on an album cover to listen:

Costa Rican rapper

"Hard Core (Nucleo Dura)" is a new song made as the theme for our next documentary currently in production called,"The Importance of Strange Perceptions".

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BrainDagger Films is starting a collective/incubator where college students and up and coming filmmakers can use our equipment and experience to create projects of their own and shape themselves into the professionals they know they can be with the right creative support. We are open to producing projects of this type at no cost to our members. We will be encouraging them to do videos about charitable organizations or topics that can help others but they are more than welcome to work on whatever they like. We are taking applications right now.  Send demo reel and an outline of a project you would like us to produce to:


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An Introduction to House Bill Six and why it should be repealed

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